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How to make traveling a lifestyle

If you have found your self wondering what all these people you see on social media are doing to be able to travel for months at a time or take multiple trips a year. I can tell you!! Most likely it isn't a high paying job that gives them PTO for months at a time, it isn't teaching English abroad, and its not being a travel influencer. Yes, some may actually have some of these things going for them but for the average Jo like myself, that is not what we are doing!

Lifestyle Changes

First off to be able to travel often, it must be a lifestyle. For traveling to be a lifestyle you have to be willing to change a few things and compromise back home when you are not on the road. This means, your income must be higher than what you are spending on all the survival necessities. Your bills, groceries, rent, car payments, insurance, etc must all be lower than what you are making monthly. IF that is not the case, it is time to make some changes. For instance, if you live in an area where the rent is extremely high, you could do a few things to make it cheaper for yourself like getting a roommate, doing a room share, air bnb your extra rooms to make extra money and help with living costs. Heck, if you are in a touristy area you can rent out your coach for people who are traveling through! It might be a sacrifice to have an extra person in your living space but having cheaper rent and more money to put away for traveling is worth it. As I said, its a lifestyle.

If you are a avid drinker or bar goer, this might be where a good chunk of your paycheck goes to every week. I'm not saying don't have fun but bars and having a cocktail with every dinner out can really add up! I dare you to look at your credit card statement and add up your nights out. By making this small change and drinking one drink out, drinking at your house first, or choosing not to go out as much can help you put a big chunk of money back into your savings. Also, eating out can be expensive along with those daily coffee shop trips. If you try to cook more meals at home and avoid those quick bites to eat just because they are convenient you will save a lot of money.

This next part can be very hard for some people and some people it may come easy but simplicity and simple living is key to be able to afford to travel. If you have a brand new car and find yourself paying off huge car payments each month, this is not necessary. No you do not need a old 30 year old car that barley runs but you can find cars that are not going to take all your extra money at the end of each month. You can still have nice things without breaking the bank for them. You do not need to be in debt with everything you buy because that is no way to live. This goes with anything like getting the newest iPhone every time they release one, or a new computer every year if yours works fine, a bigger tv just because you want to, and so on. Avoid having to "pay off" everything you buy just to have them. The less payments you have, the more money you have at the end of each month.

A few more lifestyle changes you can make are avoiding high spending habits (this one is for women and some men) like getting your hair done every few months, along with eyelash extensions, nails, tanning, massages, etc. Honestly, I do get my eyelashes done and my hair touched up every once in awhile but I budget for it, and I no longer do all of the above as it is so expensive. If you have high spending habits that are monthly, see if you can cut down to just one or two of those high spending habits and use that extra money towards your traveling budget. I can promise you, you are still beautiful without all of it.

The BIG one is what job do you have. I have chosen a job that gives me flexibility and also caters to seasons. When the season is low and we are slow in our mountain town, I travel. If you work a 9-5 that only gives you two weeks off a year for vacation, maybe a lifestyle change is needed. There are plenty of service industry jobs that allow more flexibility and even job perks. When you are applying for jobs, be honest with the interviewer and tell them you like to travel! There is no reason to get sucked into a job or career where you feel like you cannot get away because they will fire you or you feel guilty for doing what you love.


Open a interest savings account so you are making money while you are saving money.  I personally use Ally Bank interest savings account and I love it. You must be diligent about saving money and know you have a goal to meet. I take money from my weekly earnings and put it directly into that account so it can keep building and I DO NOT TOUCH IT. This is very important because it must strictly be a travel savings account. You should have a second savings for emergency's like car break downs, health issues, and surprise bills.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert


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