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Island Hopping from Cebu to Bohol, Philippines

After spending awhile in Oslob, Cebu we decided that since we were so close, we might as well take a two-hour ferry ride and island hop to Bohol Island! After many five-hour plus bus rides across Cebu, two hours on a boat in the beautiful ocean didn’t sound too bad at all. We left early in the morning and arrived by the afternoon. We booked an adorable apartment on Panglao in Bohol, lucky for us we got upgraded to a high-end suite instead of a studio apartment because of an over booking issue the apartment complex had! Score!!! We didn’t mind one bit since our last guest house was right next to a very popular karaoke bar and we didn't get much sleep those previous nights...(the Filipinos love karaoke) A few tips for booking an inexpensive hotel in Bohol is to look for guest houses and apartments versus hotels and resorts, they tend to be cheaper! Also, if you avoid staying right in Alona beach area and stay inland more, the prices will reduce significantly and it is also less touristy. We stayed in the Nickles Park Apartments, they were super kind and helpful and you can even rent a cheap motor bike directly from the apartments as well. Three nights costed us about 90 US dollars and we had an entire apartment with a pool! The motorbike only costed us about 6 US dollars which is very cheap for most places in South East Asia.

We spent the first couple days beach exploring and scoping out the best dive shops to scuba dive with. We did a little bit of snorkeling at the main beach, which is called Alona Beach. It is extremely popular for its reefs and off shore dives. The sand is white and beautiful with beautiful blue calm waters. This is a great beach to relax at and you can also find some decently priced dive shops along Alona Beach. Dives run from anywhere between 35 US dollars to 50 US dollars depending on the type of certification you have and what dive location you choose. We did a dive at sanctuary (a popular local dive) that was at the western tip of the island. It was beautiful but not the best diving if you are looking for vibrant colorful reefs. But there was a lot of fish to scope out and see so that is always a plus! If you are only diving for one day I would recommend doing a dive at Balicasag Island. It is full of amazing reefs and declared as a marine sanctuary so the reefs are protected and very healthy. If you do not scuba dive you can also take a boat trip and go snorkeling at the island as well! We recommend booking one with a local to get a better deal or if you are a solo or couple who is traveling, if not booking a tour in a group is a budget friendly way to do a snorkel trip.

We spent a few more days exploring some popular spots in Panglao. Starting with the Hinagdanan Caves which means"laddered" in Cebuano. These caves are a natural rock formation that use to be used as hideouts by the locals to escape the Japanese during the Second World War. It is located on the coast on the opposite side of Alona Beach. They are beautiful and very cheap to explore. If you have a big group, you must hire a guide for a small fee, but if you are not in a group it is only a few dollars. We explored the caves in the afternoon, so they were a little busy but not bad. In the cave is beautiful crystal-clear water lit up by a few natural light holes from the top. It is gorgeous! You can swim in the caves for only a few Philippine picos.

After the caves we went to The Alexis Cliff Dive Resort and went cliff jumping and snorkeling. The views over the cliffs were beautiful and the snorkeling wasn’t too bad either. The cliff is about 20- 25 feet high and easily accessed. If you’re lucky during certain times of the year you can find sardines and do a sardine run! Renting a motorbike is the best way to get around Panglao and Bohol. It is cheaper than taxi's and you have way more freedom to explore diffrent places. You can easily get to the other side of the island in less than 30 minutes and you can get from Alona to the famous Chocolate Hills in a little over an hour by motorbike. Plus who doesn’t love adventures!


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